Infinite realms of body, heart, mind & spirit are interwoven in the wisdom of each present moment.

Alexandra Proctor is an intuitive healer who teaches Whole Being Awareness: a practice of mindful self-examination, employing conscious acceptance of this present moment to address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health in a wholistic cohesive manner. When one or more parts of self are unbalanced, wellness becomes vulnerable; Dis-ease, pain, depression and illness are the result of a compromised self.

Alexandra works with clients to help them find and understand their own inner voice, wisdom and guidance. By paying closer attention to what we really want and seeing our life issues with compassion, we become more able to fully accept, love and nourish our whole self.

As @earthhealer on twitter, she playfully engages global consciousness with wisdom & laughter.   

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Alexandra empowers her clients with empathy,  to gently unearth root issues,   reconnecting    and nourishing energy flows to all parts of            one's divine self.    Her tools include homeopathy, flower remedies, vibrational healing, herbalism, ethnobotany, nutritional healing, reiki,  regressional therapy, visualization, conscious movement and affirmations. 

Healing is ALWAYS an option. Alexandra encourages, supports & challenges her clients as they move through pain, dis-ease and life issues to find acceptance, contentment & healing. Finding the right pathways for healing is a journey of self-discovery and an exploration of the many complementary disciplines available.

If you want surgery or pharmaceuticals, go to a western medical doctor; If you would like to find other options, there are many alternative therapies with many different answers; together we can find the best ones for you.

Human beings are always perfect and always changing, as a tree is perfect in all stages of growth: as a seed, a seedling, a young sapling, when mature and even as it falls, decays and once more becomes part of our Earth.

All beings deserve unconditional love, awe, admiration, empathy and respect in every stage of growth and development. Acceptance of one’s own evolving perfection in this present moment is an essential element of healing.

Before each session, we relax and breath deeply to find center balance and ask for divine guidance. Your individual values or core beliefs are vital within your healing and will lead to a specifically designed wellness plan.

Discussing where you are now, how you feel about it and what you would like to be growing towards, addressing physical injuries, illness, disease, emotional or spiritual issues, lifestyle choices & personal beliefs, Alexandra will help you discover natural, wholistic treatment options for your healing journey. You always have a choice. Together we can find it.

Find the courage to pursue your dreams with passion & live your own truth with unconditional love and Whole Being Awareness

  • Find safe, natural, non-invasive healing for pain and disease.
  • Strengthen & nourish your body with fast, delicious whole foods.
  • Experience harmony, acceptance and empowerment within your life & family.
  • Rediscover passion, joy, tenderness & communication with your life partner
  • Live your own truth, updating thought, word & action to create real wellness
  • Make a choice & consciously embrace your life with Whole Being Awareness.

    Realize the life you want!

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