Vision Statement

At Made with Love we embrace conscious spending; voting with each dollar to invest in our world and build reality as we wish to see it. To empower this, we have created a very mindful Eco Artisan Food Company.

All our products are Made with Love using high quality ingredients in their most natural forms. Made with Love products are non-irradiated and contain No-GMOs, additives, preservatives, free-flowing agents or silicon dioxide.

We use natural, reusable, recyclable and compostable, 100% plastic-free packaging because we choose to take responsibility for the waste we generate & build a garbage-free, healthy planet for our children...

Our Earth Safe Promise - Click!


We practice, encourage and support organic agriculture, fair-trade, small business and hand-crafted artisan products to help support human beings and happy families, not computers, big machines & ludicrous profit margins.

We believe farmers & artisans deserve to be paid well, thanked & hugged often. Feeling valued & empowered in their jobs helps them grow food & craft wares with love.

Made with Love Delectable Edibles are unique gifts — you deserve them and so do the ones you love, our planet included. Share our vision - empower your own thoughts, words and actions. Together, we are changing our world.

Colin & Alexandra

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