Private Sessions

Alexandra's peaceful riverside office provides a relaxing, nurturing environment, which fosters open, centered, balance and awareness.

This quiet, secluded environment provides the ideal space to work through emotionally charged healing without investing energy in self consciousness - there are no neighbours to see or hear you - you have found sacred space to feel safe, fully express and heal yourself.

Private Sessions can also be conducted by telephone, email or internet chat - as desired.

Full or half day immersion healings can be arranged - and are available to add to your Equinisity Retreat at Gateway 2 Ranch.

Alexandra encourages her clients to share their joys and longings as they work together to establish the tools necessary to journey towards becoming the Self They Most Admire.

Alexandra specializes in Family & Corporate Harmony Coaching, Nutritional Healing, Homeopathy & Recommunication Techniques.

An Empath, Alexandra translates emotional undercurrents in discussions to increase true hearing, comprehension & understanding.

Her life changing techniques empower clients to move beyond relationship issues, abuse, traumas, PTSD and old pain body loops to reconnect with all parts of self and discover Real Health through Whole Being Awareness.

Natural Wellness

Guided by the principles of moderation and diversity, learn how to shop for, cook and enjoy, healthy whole foods to help energize your body and enhance immune function.

Alexandra is well versed in all philosophies of nutritional healing, and facilitates gentle life changes matched to individual lifestyle, so adjustments are easy.

Paleo , Raw Vegan, Gluten Free, Fermentation, Macrobiotic, Alkalinity, Vegetarian, Dairy free Alexandra teaches food workshops for all these disciplines in private homes and group classes.

Her personal eating focus combines parts of all these methods creating a natural eating pattern based on evolutionary research and human animal biology. 

Diet: an ever growing and evolving discovery of food choices which nourish, feed and energize one's body, heart, mind and soul.

NOT to be confused with the connotative Diet: a regime of suffering endured to realize change.

Perception Awareness

As we move through life, we are guided by synchronistic patterns and small details which often reflect subconscious awareness.

Find your own inner voice and unearth guidance. Recognize echoes of the past and call awareness forward to this present moment. Understand the roles our thoughts, words & actions play in wellness. You are creating your own life. It is time to fully engage and enjoy it.

Alexandra Proctor

Whole Being Awareness Practitioner
Wholistic Wellness / Nutritional Healing 
Spiritual Healer / Family Harmony Coach

250 554 5031

Classes, workshops & private sessions for corporate, personal, couples or family harmony.

Integrate whole foods, natural therapies, family harmony and conscious awareness of body, heart, mind & spirit to heal and promote REAL Whole being wellness.

Private sessions are $120 investment & average 1-2 hours in length. Please allow yourself the time you need to complete your healing - spirit time is unlimited. Clock watching is strongly discouraged.

Please arrange a half day (3-4 hours) session $350 or a full day (6-8 hours) $750 when total immersion is required for your healing.

Telephone/internet consultations are welcome - especially for homeopathic options for acute illness or communication interventions and will be billed at a rate of $20 per 10 minute period or portion thereof.

Alexandra cherishes the creativity of trades and barters; you have the resources you need to get what you want in your life right now. What skills do you have to offer? Just ask.

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