Spice Blends &Delectable Edibles
Our nine all natural gourmet Spice Blends are used by loyal customers world wide.
Any Spice Blend can be used with basic ingredients to create a 100% natural, healthy, whole food version of the additive-laden-packaged-foods found in the grocery store aisle in minutes, well-nourishing our bodies with ease and simplicity.
At only $2 per recipe they are an inexpensive, healthy alternative to packaged foods and provide incredible hand-crafted natural flavour power to every meal.

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Any single Spice Blend can be used to create our simple seven instant products:

  • Creamy Pasta Sauce
  • Rice Side Dish
  • Vinaigrette or Marinade
  • Rich and Creamy or Creamy Fat-Free Salad Dressing
  • Yogurt or Sour Cream or Mayo Dip
  • Vegan/dairy-free Dip
  • Herbed Cream cheese

Just stir 2 tbsp of Spice Blend into your chosen product base and marinate 2 hours to allow flavours to blend.
Click Recipes for our simple seven and many more recipe ideas.

Our Spice Blends are also amazing for making easy skillet dinners, rice hot pot meals, stir fry, meat dishes, eggs, soups, stews, tofu and more in nine yummy flavours. Easy whole food meals in minutes with flavours your whole family will love!

Our Delectable Edibles are based on our popular Spice Blends and take easy whole food cooking one step farther.
Available in edible artwork layered bottles or everyday compostable bags, our Delectable Edibles are designed with simple entertaining in mind.

Just add water and olive oil or milk and butter to any of our magic meal mixes and bake or cook on the stovetop. A fabulous soup, pasta, oven dinner or quick bread will be ready to serve with only minutes of prep time. An assortment of optional add-ins like chicken breast or tofu and veggies will turn your instant meal into a gourmet feast to share with friends.

When you decide to host a dinner party, sit back and relax with a glass of wine and enjoy your friends, knowing your dinner is in the oven and ready to serve in a couple easy steps.
Say goodbye to the frazzle and rush and hello to a natural gourmet meal without all the fuss.

Colin & Alexandra
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