Spice Blends

Our Spice Blends make EASY REAL WHOLE FOOD FAST!  Every Spice Blend can be used to make Magic Meals in minutes: Roasted Oven Dinner, Instant Pasta, (traditional, raw, vegan or gluten-free) Whole Grain Hot Pot, Stirfry, Dips, Spreads, Salad Dressings or Marinades in any of our Nine Gourmet Flavours! Any Spice Blend makes a fabulous BBQ Grill Rub, wonderful to sprinkle sauces, meats, eggs, tofu, beans, soups, chili, veggies, breads, appetizers -- in short everything -- tastes great Made with Love!

Just mix a couple things together - it's that Easy!

Our Recipe Page has our Simple Seven "Magic Meal" recipes - with Traditional, RAW, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, and Omnivorous options... we can help you learn to feed anyone with our Easy Real Whole Food Fast! As well find many more recipe ideas from main dishes to salads to creamy dairy-free hot chocolate, most with 5 or less ingredients to help you make gourmet whole food cooking a breeze.

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Sampler size compostable cello packages with hemp/jute twine hangers make eight generous servings. $9.50 each plus $2.00 S&H. Mail-order Specials with free shipping to any one address in Canada: Mix & Match any three flavours for $30 or choose ALL NINE SPICE BLENDS for $75 with a personal message in an eco-gift package! 

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Mail-orders of any of our products are always available, shipped in environmentally friendly recycled cardboard boxes, wrapped in tissue made from 100% recycled office paper and a myriad of beautiful, natural, biodegradable stuffing, dried flowers, leaves and berries, hearts, herbs and spices, wood shavings, grasses, branches and twigs etc., mostly dried from our gardens or wild-crafted nearby.


Our Nine Gorgeous Eco Artisan Spice Blends:

Prima Vera Spice Blend

The Prima Vera is a wonderful blend of sun dried tomato, sweet pepper and Italian herbs and spices. Try this blend for creamy, red or clear pasta sauces, in creamcheese on a bagel it is heavenly and as a spanish-style rice side dish. The Head Chef at SunPeaks Delta Resort once tried our Prima Vera cream sauce and commented: "I could replace five cooks in my kitchen with a bottle of Prima Vera for linguine"

INGREDIENTS: dried vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, onions) herbs, spices, & sea salt.

Crimson Love Spice Blend

A garlic lover's blend with an essence of rosemary in a dried beet base with hints of nori and fresh greens. Developed with our sugar free/salt free friends in mind this blend's natural sweet & saltiness comes from whole vegetable sources. A truly superfood blend, Crimson Love has over 20% of your recommended daily intake of 5 major nutrients in a tablespoon! Wonderful for dips, dressings or pretty pink creamy pasta & sauce! Our kids love it!

INGREDIENTS: dried: beet, garlic, spinach, carrot, herbs and spices, nori flakes.

Jalapeno Roots Spice Blend

A rich blend of jalapeno with garlic, onions, sweet peppers and lime in a dried carrot base. Once more, this sugar/salt free blend uses natural vegetable sources to obtain a balanced flavour with natural sweetness. Creamy dips & pasta are gorgeous. Spice up your guacamole, veggies, meats or salsa or try it melted in your popcorn butter with engivita yeast and sea salt for an incredibly tasty, healthy treat!

INGREDIENTS: dried: carrot, jalapenos, sweet peppers, onion, garlic, lemon juice, herbs & spices.

* These first three sugar and/or salt free flavours offer a variety of natural vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants found in their fresh juice sources. A great way to add a little extra nutrition to your everyday foods, they are a part of our personal quest to get better dietary nutrition while swallowing fewer pills.

* Our six other Spice Blends contain natural, trace-mineral-rich sea salt and unbleached raw turbinado sugar (the least processed crystalized cane juice product - much healthier than "evaporated cane juice"!) for optimum flavour balance in your cooking. These are in very small amounts in most of our blends, but higher levels of raw cane sugar in the Red Pepper and Aztec Chocolate at the bottom of this list.

              Made With Love

Garden Curry Spice Blend

Our best selling Garden Curry blend is a mild curry blend with a mix of garden vegetables. One of our most popular Spice Blends, Garden Curry appeals to all taste buds, even many who think they dislike curries. Gorgeous in creamcheese, creamy pasta or a yogurt dip it creates a mild, rich and flavourful sunshine cream! Love it for stirfries and soup base - mix garden curry and country onion together for VEGAN egg salad or VEGAN chicken soup base!

INGREDIENTS: herbs & spices, dried carrots, onions, peppers, leeks, cabbage, unbleached raw turbinado sugar & natural sea salt. With tumeric - a powerful source of antioxidants.

Country Onion Spice Blend

Our Country Onion is a traditional mix of fresh garden herbs, caramelized onions and chives. An extremely versatile blend, great on poultry, meats or eggs, fabulous for potatoes and herbed rice. A must have for hamburgers, makes fabulous ranch-style dressings and dips without all the goo from the grocery store options!

INGREDIENTS: herbs & spices, dried onion, unbleached raw turbinado sugar & natural sea salt.

Pesto Garlic Spice Blend

Pesto Garlic is our dried rendition of its namesake. Our #1 selling Spice Blend, an extremely versatile, easy sprinkle, nut and dairy free. No pinenuts or cheese here so safe for vegans or nut-free, just a beautiful blend of basil, parsley, oregano, herbs, garlic, cracked black pepper and sea salt - flavours traditionally recognised as pesto. Great for pasta, sprinkle on meats, grilled veggies, use as a bbq grill rub or for spectacular balsamic salad dressings.

INGREDIENTS: herbs & spices, unbleached raw turbinado sugar, & natural sea salt

Daring Dill Spice Blend

Daring Dill is truly our most sophisticated Blend full of great dill flavour followed by a hint of fresh tomato and a hot mustard finish. Lovely on veggies, chicken or fish. Excellent for vinaigrette dressings and creamy sauces. A new creamy option for gorgeous pasta and sauce or try our recipe for home made Daring Dill Tartar Sauce! Delightful!

INGREDIENTS: herbs &spices, dried tomato & onion, unbleached raw turbinado sugar, natural sea salt.

Aztec Chocolate Spice Blend

Aztec Chocolate is a complex blend of Real Cacao, Coffee and Vanilla Beans with pungent sweet and spicy peppers. Aztec Chocolate is a traditional savory flavour mix for Mexican and Latin American cuisine, led by the ancient Aztec and Mayan peoples of the region. Try it on meat dishes, beans, tofu or salad dressings this amazing sweet and spicy combo is great for everyday cooking. Also decadently fabulous for our desert dip, sprinkle coffee or as a dessert finish, or make Mexican Hot Chocolate -see spring 2008 recipes

INGREDIENTS: cocoa, turbinado sugar, raw cacao, vanilla & coffee beans, dried spices, chillies, natural sea salt.

Red Pepper Spice Blend

Our Red Pepper Spice Blend is sweet with a mild spicy flavour similar to a pepper jelly. A blend of turbinado sugar with a mix of sweet and hot chilies. Amazing on veggies of any kind and a wonder to sprinkle on chicken, pork or fish - try it as a BBQ Grill Rub! Great in mashed potatoes or melted in your popcorn butter - sweet and spicy caramel corn that is absolutely addictive.

INGREDIENTS: unbleached raw turbinado sugar, spices & natural sea salt.

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